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  • Instrument-Coaching
    Finding individuals solutions

Coaching means working and reflecting on individual challenges that refer to job related issues for a certain time period.
Coaching is based upon an intensive dialogue between coachee and coach that leads to change. There is a variety of situations and challenges where coaching is appropriate.

When there is a basic desire for change, through coaching potentials can be set free and significant behaviour changes can be achieved within a limited timeframe through supported self reflection, accompanying feedback and job related support, that otherwise through training or other measures could not have been reached or only much slower. It is not the job of the coach to solve the problems, but rather to support the client in problem solving by showing the coachee ways to help himself / herself. Depending on the situation coaching is done as open coaching or so called covered coaching.

The coaches of INFO GmbH are not limited to one exclusive philosophy; they have gone through a variety of training in this area and depending on the objectives and the stage in the coaching process they will use different methods and procedures, e.g. circular questioning techniques, working with the "3- world model", systematic methods, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), TA (Transaction Analysis), issue or individual centred interaction and counselling.

Special Advantages

  • Significant behaviour changes can be achieved in comparably short time
    (4-7 coaching sessions)
  • Also more “difficult” individual issues and challenges can successfully be worked on
  • Experienced coaches that can draw on a broad spectrum of methods
  • Several experienced coaches are in the consultant pool of INFO GmbH,
    therefore easier selection of the “right” coach and if necessary cost saving general agreements with INFO GmbH are possible

Primary Application Situations

The most frequent coachings we follow through with are:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching of a project manager or a project team
  • Coaching employees (e.g. sales)


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