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  • Instrument-Competence Management
    Competence Management
    Defining requirements, developing competences

Recognise existing skills, identify future requirements in a timely manner as well as establishing superior personnel selection and developments and procedures – these are the deciding factors for the competitive edge.
Competence management is mainly systematic personnel development regarding key competencies for the various functional and target groups in the business.

“Competence management” is linked with competence systematic, job families, competence profiles and personnel development. You can manage your competence profiles and personnel development measures with the help of our special software. The starting point of competence management is the development of a competence systematic, which is usually divided into job families and competencies. The next step is competence ratings, comparison of the expected and actual performance between necessary and existing abilities, knowledge, skills and competencies. The competence profiles are a foundation for multiple personnel processes, especially personnel selection, assessment and compensation and for the selection of development measures for filling gaps in competencies and subsequent competence tracking.

We competently support you and your business with our experiences and our knowledge in all phases from conception to implementation of CM systems. If requested we can also support you with the complete softwaretechnological implementation of your CM system.

Special Advantages

  • Personnel selection, assessment, compensation and development based on general uniform measures
  • Cost reduction in the area of advanced training and education (up to 30%) by excluding unnecessary measures outside of competence demands as well as ineffective measures
  • Increase of efficiency through focused applications and need-based training
  • Significant time savings in HR department by using appropriate software - instead of excessive paperwork you have fast access to all relevant information
  • Quicker locating of experts for short-notice requests for projects or new positions
  • Improvement of strategic positioning of PD in business through active integration of employees and executives into the competence management

Primary Application Situation

The introduction of competence management is recommendable as a foundation of systematic personnel processes because of multiple advantages for most businesses – in general it offers a high return on investment.


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