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    Intercultural Expertise
    Acting successfully in different mind-sets

Intercultural management is not just for global players, but also for medium-sized businesses. The need for coordinated teamwork, across the borders inside of Europe and partially even worldwide, is continually rising. Whether the issue is to lower production costs by moving into a foreign country or to develop new markets and distribution channels– there is always a need to work with people from different cultures and expectations.

The specific challenges in the area of intercultural management for leadership and businesses are numerous – ranging from negotiations with foreign business partners to selecting and preparing the right employees for the branches in foreign countries (expatriates) to coordinate and govern multicultural and virtual project teams.
“The way things are done around here!” – can be used as an easy description of what we refer to as “culture”. There is sufficient conflict and “dynamite” when different mind sets in different business contexts come into contact with one another. If you consider that most people think that their way of doing things is the best; then it becomes clear that we have to deal in successful intercultural management with more than just simple “do’s” and “don’ts” to avoid the most obvious of mistakes.

We professionally support businesses in the most frequent and most important demands in the field of intercultural management:

  • Trainings to establish intercultural commercial competence (e.g. Culture Assimilation Training, International Presentation Skills, Bargaining with ...)
  • Development of international human resource concepts (International HRM)
  • Intercultural Assessment Centre (IAC) for selection for foreign missions
  • Preparation of expatriates for the corresponding target culture
  • Repatriation after service in a foreign country
  • Integration of foreign leaders and specialists
  • Support of multicultural virtual teams
  • Intercultural conflict management

The main focus on country specific measures are in Eastern Europe, China, Japan, United States, Latin America, Turkey, West Africa – depending on the specific objectives we work together with local cooperation partners in these and other countries

Special Advantages

  • Savings through less complications when sending people into foreign countries
  • Less friction and improvement of the team-work in multicultural teams, therefore increased output
  • More success in working with foreign business partners
  • Higher willingness to live up to company specific standards that stretch across cultural barriers

Primary Application Situations

See the above mentioned demands, especially intercultural training, preparation for foreign countries, project management, IAC

See examples for international projects with focal point of Intercultural Management


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