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360° Feedback

Performance Management

A 360° feedback is a management instrument that provides the management with feedback regarding defined behaviour and performance areas in a systematic and structured form - by reviewing it from different angles, such as those perspectives obtained from the various interaction and role partners. A 360° feedback means that top executives are not only assessed from their supervisors (top-down) and employees (bottom-up), but also from the “side” – including assessment by their colleagues on the same level and from external customers or suppliers. In practice we often find also 270° feedbacks - since it is not always possible to receive the same form of systematic feedback from external customers or when the most important colleagues are their internal customers. Both 270° and 360° feedbacks require their own survey process. Within the framework of employee surveys mainly “bottom-up” feedbacks are employed as a rule, sometimes subsequently complemented through a “top-down” assessment by a supervisor.

Most of the 360° feedback processes are done online to keep the administrative costs at a minimum. Through an expressive 360° feedback process the management receives a distinct feedback on skills and performance based upon specific criteria from different perspectives. In addition to written support material for interpreting the results and the derivation of personal action fields in a professional feedback process, we also offer personal counselling and executives coaching when needed. Regular attendance of 360° feedback processes enables you to monitor your own development progress in the relevant behavioural areas.

INFO GmbH supports you in project planning, sets up the appropriate survey tool based upon your focal points, accompanies the communication for introduction into the business and counsels the executives individually - if needed with derivation measures and implementation into concrete performance improvements.

Special Advantages

  • Improvement of performance of management through clear feedback
  • Comparing self-perception with outside perception, from different perspectives using concrete criterial
  • Improvement of communication and cooperation between executives and employees as well as with colleagues and external / internal customers

Primary Application Situation

Instrument for the development of management. It requires a business culture open to feedback.


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