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Performance Appraisal and Employee Feedback

Performance Management

The concept for performance appraisal and employee feedback comprise of a series of instruments and discussions that are geared to successfully guide, motivate, and develop employees. The main focus of these, more or less formal, discussions and systems are situation-based. For example, in a personnel development assessment discussion the focus is on the feedback concerning strengths and personal development potentials of the employee, as well as the needs of planning further education and development opportunities. Whereas a traditional assessment discussion is a formal procedure where supervisors assess the abilities and performances of employees in specific areas according to relevant and clearly defined criteria in fixed intervals.

In addition to fulfilling demands of industrial law different criteria are in the forefront depending on your primary aims and objectives:

Task oriented assessment: To what extent has the employee fulfilled his basic tasks and defined quality criteria?
Goal oriented assessment: To what extent has the employee reached the goals that have been mutually agreed upon? (see Goal Setting)
Behaviour oriented assessment: How is the behaviour of the employee in reference to various competence areas to be evaluated?

The questions, which type of feedback discussion you want to introduce into your business and how firmly this should be formalised depends primarily on the goal setting. Are formal decisions like compensation variables, junior force and career planning, transfer, promotion, integration after an apprenticeship etc. in the forefront? Or are improvement of leadership dialogue, feedback and promotion of an open and trusting communication climate the primary goals? Can your goals be achieved in an assessment discussion system or should you; for example, separate the formal assessment and decision about premiums from an intensive discussion on behavioural feedback?

INFO GmbH has extensive experience in planning, development, introduction and result evaluation of employee dialogues and assessment discussions. We can offer your business competent consultation in these matters and more.

Special Advantages

  • Continual improvement of employee’s performance through clear assessment of relevant criteria and the harmonisation of self-perception and supervisors’ perceptions
  • Improvement of communication between executives and employee, opportunity for formal expression of appreciation and constructive criticism, as well as a chance to discuss personal development opportunities
  • Discussion of challenges as well as personal desires, leading to motivating feedback for the leadership for optimising of processes in their own department
  • Professional fulfilment of industrial law requirements, criteria-oriented and fair procedures towards all employees
  • Contribution for retaining of employees and decreasing fluctuation
  • Optimisation of personnel development and operation planning through documented information about performance, potentials and developmental needs of employees in the company

Primary Application Situation

See the above mentioned aims and objectives, primarily for the improvement of dialogue between supervisors and employees, for systematic potential assessment and development, including fulfilment of industrial law requirements; also partially within the framework for introducing competence management


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