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    Potential Diagnosis

To ensure future success in business, management must give special focus and invest in the most productive workers, exemplary employees, high-flyers, over achievers, and high-potential employees, so that their (perhaps yet undiscovered) strengths and talents can be used to the greatest degree to fully benefit themselves and their employers.

INFO GmbH has the most accurate instruments and proven methods to assist employers in discovering high-potential employees and those with outstanding performance and talents, so that effective succession planning and leadership continuity will be ensured. Our uniquely designed instruments supply employers with the objective tool they need to help them select the best candidates for positions available and promotion opportunities.

It is important for a business to have proper instruments for accurate personnel selection and potential analysis in order to make the most effective use of human resources and guarantee maximum profit. INFO GmbH supplies businesses with the much needed instruments to assist in employee development.
The following proven instruments are currently available (among others):

Within the framework of this procedure there are special sets of questions, exercises and methods for specific target groups. You may purchase the different tools and instruments and use them yourself or have us follow through with them. We will be pleased to counsel you concerning the most effective procedure (or combination of procedures) needed in order to reach your set goals and target groups.


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