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Candidate Management EGON including analytic pre-selection


The analytical pre-selection is a tool for analytical applicant screening concerning the qualification level and to exclude unqualified applicants. The procedure will be used when there are a high number of applicants. Each applicant fills out a questionnaire that asks for relevant demands. This happens usually online via Internet. The procedure evaluates position relevant criteria (hard facts) and partially indicators for soft facts using checklists and an analytical point system. The data is transferred to a spreadsheet and the evaluations can automatically be done electronically according to the pre-defined algorithms.

The results can be presented in the form of A, B, C categorizing (suitable, conditionally suitable, not suitable) and can be initialised and (partially) automated for further processes (like rejection letter, invitation, intermediate reply).

Special Advantages

  • High time and cost efficiency, significant savings in time and resources through efficient automated processing of a high number of applicants.
  • Interesting applicants are not overlooked, high quality and uniform decision process for pre-selection.
  • Short reaction time towards applicants through accelerated process
  • Additional benefits: always up-to-date information concerning the status of the application process

Primary Target Groups

The procedure is suitable for pre-selection with high numbers of applicants. This is the case for example in entry positions or less specialized functions especially in strong applicant markets.


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