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Qualifizierungs Programme

To be able to let one’s own qualified junior staff rise up into positions of leadership, project management and marketing will save your business substantial investments (search, selection, training period, culture differences).

We design, accompany and control company specific promotion and development programs in the above mentioned areas, starting from the selection of the right candidates (e.g. Development Centre) and integration of the management concerning the contents and methods that need to be taught to accompanying beyond the official end of a program.

In this programme we primarily work with the following designing elements:

  • Differentiated analysis of strengths and areas for improvement at the beginning of the programme and definition of individual development plan
  • Qualification modules for conveying of the basic competences/skills
  • Learning reports and development conversations as controlling instruments
  • Business planning game or work out together a branch specific case study
  • Visit other departments/ job rotation for target-oriented establishment of knowledge about other business areas.
  • Mentoring for support and development of networks in business
  • Project work, integration into projects and special tasks in the business.
  • Learning teams and individual/ group coaching focusing on the individual areas for improvement.

The different learning opportunities reasonably interlock according to the law of learning with content and time (e.g. in the seminar knowledge is imparted, which will be used in the following project work or in the business planning game). We strengthen the personal responsibility of the participants and at the same time we professionally accompany and steer the whole program.

Special Advantages

  • Significant reduction of cost in search, selection and training
  • Decrease of fluctuation and binding of high potentials to the company
  • Least possible time consumption for individual participants
  • High effectiveness through integrative design and interlocking of individual elements and qualification building blocks
  • Effective signal throughout the company by strengthening the principle of internal promotion of employees.

Primary Application Situation

Development and promotion of high potentials especially in following areas:

  • Leadership trainees, often also international junior management employees
  • Project manager
  • Junior force in marketing and sales


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