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INFO Leadership Programs (Focus on Leadership Skills)

Qualifizierungs Programme

The focus of this development programme is leadership competence. To assess people, potentials, risks and react accordingly, to set clear goals, to promote and challenge employees, to establish a successful work and motivation culture within the team and to be an example and point of orientation (especially in difficult times) are essential parts of effective leadership. What is called for here besides defining of one’s own role and the application of leadership instruments are overall the effective management of relations, professionalism, authenticity, credibility, empathy and communication design within the team.

Overview of contents:

Module 1: leadership role and leadership understanding
Module 2: helpful leadership instruments in daily business
Module 3: teambuilding
Module 4: employee development and employee coaching
Coaching and impulse days following 1, 2, 3, 4.

The programme comprises of 14 days including the coaching and impulse days and is designed for a time frame of 18 –36 months. Experienced senior trainers, who, based on their years of experience can offer effective feedback and practical help, implement the program.

Through integrative design the learning contents of the different modules can be practiced with concrete tasks directly following in the leadership practice. Through the coaching and impulse days that are held in between the module the practice experience of the participants are integrated into the learning process. The trainer/coach supports in difficulties and gives suggestions to optimise own strategies and behaviours. In single cases individual coaching can be necessary.

Special Benefits

  • Noticeable improvement of leadership skills in the business
    • Increase of performance through improved use of leadership instruments, e.g. clear goal setting
    • Less conflicts and better cooperation in teams as well as between people managers and employees
    • Improved communication within the leadership team through application of comparable methods and procedures Measurable e.g. within framework of regular employee interviews
  • Significantly more efficient and less costly than open seminars
    • You will receive a conclusive overall concept that was cut to fit your business and that is highly effective through it’s integrative design
    • Agreement on clear and controllable learning goals
    • For a comparable investment you would receive from other sources about one or two open seminars in that area, often largely without relation to business and without transfer controlling

Primary Application Situation

Development of people manager force in direction of leadership; desired quantum leap in the complete business; introduction of leadership values and guidelines (as needed, also in the modified form)


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