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INFO Management Development Programs (Focus on Management Skills)

Qualifizierungs Programme

Management competences are the focal point of this development programme. In the light of the economical changes of the last few years, the challenges for management to define according to strategy one’s own area, as well as generate provable added value contributions for the business, to keep the business costs and processes in mind when acting have increased. The program is from 12 – 18 months and comprises of 12 training days including coaching and impulse days. It is exclusively for the managerial level (people managers, other managers).

Besides basic management techniques and business basics, the topic strategy, structure and process will be taught. In a complex business simulation the participants will increase their abilities in management thinking and acting.

Through the integrative design it is possible to translate into action what has been learned in the different modules with concrete practice tasks, and the coaching and impulse days that are in between the modules additionally support the transfer. The coach supports in moments of difficulty and gives suggestions to optimise one’s own strategies and behavior.

The program is followed through with by senior advisors and experts (some having teaching contracts at technical colleges, business schools or universities) with extensive skills and years of experience, who combine actual, fundamental theoretic knowledge with practical knowledge and coaching skills.

Special Advantages

  • Noticeable improvement of management skills throughout the business
    • Improvement of performance, e.g. improved strategic direction, fewer wrong decisions, improved problem solving skills, adequate use of resources
    • Improved understanding and preparation for new management models, for example, Balanced Score Card or improved implementation of these methods.
    • Improved communication between TOP executive management and subsequent leadership levels
  • Significantly more efficient and less costlythan open seminars
    • You will receive a conclusive overall concept that was customized to fit your business and is highly effective through it’s integrative design
    • Agreement on clear and controllable learning goals
    • For a comparable investment you would receive from other sources about one or two open seminars in this area, often largely without relation to business and without transfer controlling

Primary Application Situation

In many businesses the management has been focused towards development in leadership, in the area of management skills there is often need for a complementing, extensive qualification of the leadership and managerial staff.


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