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  • Instrument-Training Valuation
    Training Valuation
    Ensuring a contribution to an added value

An effective training and education management requires an overview of training costs and the financial resources in personnel development, along with basic quality control of partners and suppliers. Continuous monitoring is needed to assure trainees satisfaction with the training programmes offered as well as the satisfaction of the learning success and the application into everyday work.

As a rule, systematic measurement of training success is combined with professional training and education management, this includes the determination of the needs for further education and training opportunities, well organised indexing of the courses offered, and targeted and personalised training planning. It also includes the economical use of the intranet, booking and transaction of arrangements including administrative assistance process (organisational information, participant lists, seminar confirmation, etc…).

It is particularly convenient to implement training valuation and monitoring onto the basis of an existing Competence Management. Within the framework of an added value PD concept (see PD consulting) qualification measures can be integrated into systematic controlling besides other projects and jobs in the PD area.

Upon request or in demanding situations we can also take over the complete advanced training and education management for you as an outsourcing partner in accordance to our service levels.

Special Advantages

  • Significant reduction of advanced training and education costs through precise qualification measures with direct added value on the job
  • Clear result and cost control
  • Less effective measures/ suppliers are easy to recognise
  • Improvement of cost sensibility among employees and executives
  • Higher transparency and quality of advanced training and education opportunities
    • Clear up-to-date information about advanced training course offers for executives and employees
    • Direct influence over the design of courses offered through systematic training need assessment, rating of the quality and feedback about applicable practices
  • Reduction of administrative procedures
    • Acceleration of processes
    • Prevention of double inputs into scattered systems, lists and data bases

Primary Application Situation

Basically recommended, especially high benefits in personnel-intensive branches and/or those with above average qualification levels as well as in branches with fast changing knowledge requirements(market changes, technological advances).


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