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Markets are changing permanently, the pressure of competition rises, more has to be accomplished with the same amount of resources – especially in times where innovation cycles are shorter, systems gain complexity and the competition is increasing on the European and global level. In order to survive, most companies must react with some sort of changes, reorganisation, restructuring or merger. Besides the hoped for benefits, these also contain multiple risks. Typical problem areas in times of change are: reduced productivity, internal power struggles, loss of focus on customer and team spirit, high-potentials leave the company. The changes are more or less passively blocked. The result: The strived for synergy - effects are not at all achieved or significant profit decreases.

At the beginning of a change process there is usually a rough strategic plan and a benefit assessment. But much too often there is no plan on how to win executives and employees for the change process and how to actually let the change process become a success through goal-oriented activities.

“To actively design and promote change” instead of “being driven” is the motto. “All people are boss watchers” – that is especially true during the process of change. The management and executives are especially challenged to lead their employees in insecure times across thin ice and to make sure that areas, departments and employees do not have to primarily deal with unresolved issues - questions for the future, rumours and speculations. But rather that all their energy and focus is on external/ internal customers so that the coming changes are actively supported.

We support you to keep your business on an effective course during times of change, to utilize the positive chances of change and to keep the above-mentioned negative effects at an absolute minimum. We do this and more by employing the following:

  • Special training programmes on leadership in change processes for top management and leading executives
  • CPP: Change Power Profile for diagnosis and success control of on-going change projects
  • Cascade concept for top management, executive force, employee workshops
  • Training and coaching by change agents
  • Integration management of newly established departments

Through professional accompaniment during change processes your business will gain increased benefits:

  • You will recognise the natural effects of change processes, typical myths, resistance phases and can be better equipped to control them
  • You will deal early-on with insecurities, fears and resistance and thus gain more supporters for the changes
  • You will decrease productivity losses and shorten times in which original performance level is reached again
  • You will loose less capable employees in times of mergers and restructuring.
  • You will increase the readiness and performance among the executives and employees to actively implement new processes and systems that will reach the strived for process improvements or significant productivity increases


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