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    Employee Survey
    Getting feedback, implementing improvements

Today continual changes, reorientation because of increasing customer expectations within dynamic markets, process improvement and internal professional approach, the revision of structures against the background of global competition, optimisation of the personnel management as well as dealing with short human resources are permanent parts of any future-oriented organisation or business.

There is hardly any better way to control, observe and support these processes mentioned above as efficient and sustainable as in the regular and target-oriented use of employee surveys.

Since 1993 INFO GmbH has systematically implemented employee surveys. We are experienced in every important and future-oriented aspect of employee surveys: from classical working atmosphere analyses over quality management or superior assessments till the systematic monitoring of change processes.

Most frequently we implement an overall survey of all employees dealing with certain key issues and followed by integrated transfer processes.

According to our service levels we assume only single parts, as the conception stage or the evaluation of data, but we my also support the whole process, from scheduling the process professionally and drawing up the questionnaire over the implementation of the survey, e.g. by mail or in polling stations, via intranet or internet till presenting, realising and monitoring the results.

We are one of the best providers in the high-end-area of survey techniques: flexible programming, high quality survey results and reliable support throughout the whole process explain this. The project will be aligned with your needs and offer you a meaningful pool of questions referring to different topics and targets. We may process already existing data as well as include own benchmarks. In competitive presentations there are several reasons arguing for us: competence and comprehensive know-how, even in reference to the target-oriented realisation of the survey results, cost, quickness and reliability.

We are also able to offer additional benefit and support because of our wide experience: numerous working papers as model plant agreements, schedules with check lists, meeting agendas, business-specific presentations as well as the organisation of the communication process, preparation workshops or electronic support for executives.

You can get results like these, depending on the focus of your survey:

  • You get to know if your employees are really satisfied and can demonstrate the importance of your employees for the company
  • You activate the innovative potential of your employees and your executives
  • You can qualify the motivation within your company and increase it systematically 
  • You will achieve measurable improvements of the management quality
  • You will optimise internal processes by a better communication and cooperation
  • You can save time and money because of optimised processes
  • You can benefit from the knowledge of your employees to improve continuously internal and external customer and quality orientation of your company – on the way to a learning business


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