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HR and organisational development only makes sense if it contributes significantly to the value-adding of the company. Value-adding HR development is strictly aligned with the corporate strategy and its key success factors.

The tasks and topics of a company’s HR development often have a historical background – topical requirements, personal preferences of the management, the perceived role of the department of HR development: are they comforters and “handymen”, organisers of the executives’ wishes for professional training, are they internal service providers and consultants or the strategic partner of the company’s development?

It is not only a challenge to reflect critically the already existing responsibilities and foci of the HR development, to define the personal role, to prove participation in the value-adding and to optimise the internal as well as the external utilisation of resources strategically, but also to convey it to controlling and management in a way, that they can understand and comprehend it. This challenge has become existential, especially under the aspect of limited resources, which many departments of HR development have to handle these days.

Against this background we consult and support our customers on the strategic level as well as on the level of core and fine processes (concepts / methods, controlling) with review workshops and where required, supplementary consulting. The focus differs according to the situation, e.g.:

  • Reviewing the demands on the human resources development due to the corporate strategy
  • Strategic orientation, positioning and role of the human resources / organizational development (present/future)
  • Reviewing and analysing the value-adding of existing HRD-tools and possible future topics
  • Benchmark with state-of-the-art-methods and processes
  • Systematic development of a human asset management (HAM) and analysis of the present data with defined parameters
  • Estimate on possible HRD/OD topics and realistic resource planning for the internal project work and the consequential processes

Exemplary results may be:

  • Strong orientation of the HR development on the corporate strategy and thereby contributing highly to the value-adding
  • Definition of the own position by discussions on state-of-the-art-processes and methods
  • Impulses from external experts for single HRD/OD topics as well as their integration into the total concept
  • Quantified proof of the value-adding of HRD topics and projects already performed
  • Improvement of process efficiency and controlling parametersStrategic and realistic HRD master plan fort he following years


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