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Long-term success in business primarily depends on the quality of leadership and management. To recognize potentials and make the right decisions, promote and challenge the right employees, to manage structures and processes efficiently, create change, and developing a culture of innovation and motivation are all tasks critical for success. Successful leadership is based on the composition of employee leadership (focus on individual and team) and management (focus on strategy, process, business systems) and the active handling of change.

The primary focus of employee leadership is in effective arrangement of relations between the managing executives, supervisors and their direct reports. Here it is necessary to have professionalism, authenticity, credibility, empathy and healthy communication skills. Without a certain personal maturity and the willingness to develop one’s own personality this cannot work on a continual basis. Most notably management includes content tasks as well as the designing of structures and processes. Central issues are: the controlling and guiding of businesses and departments, structuring of processes and systems, mastering management ratios, operating figures and coherences, setting up of management and development processes, as well as management of oneself. Leadership is especially challenged in change processes where normal motivation and controlling mechanisms fail. Therefore, change management skills are an essential factor for success!

 Since 1998 INFO GmbH has a focal point in the area of leadership and management. On one hand, there are extensive and proven qualification programs. On the other hand, various management instruments have been developed and successfully introduced to our customers.

 In developing of the programs and instruments the following criteria have been considered:

  • High relation to business reality and practice relevance
  • Clear direction towards the business goals
  • Efficiency through integrated programs and gearing of different learning styles
  • Flexibility through modular structure and method mix
  • Promotion of collegial counselling, personal-responsibility and enterprise
  • Controlling through systematic competence management
  • Practice transfer through working on individual areas for development on/off the job
  • Lasting results through application coaching and follow ups 
In the area of qualification we offer following programmes and measures: The following instruments are available:


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