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  • Leistung-Project Management
    Project Management
    Achieving target and resource oriented project results

Shorter innovation and change cycles, fast reactions to more complex customer demands in dynamic markets as well as professionalising organisational requirements are often handled insufficiently within the traditional and line organisational business structures. In the last two decades the percentage of project work that calls for the departmentally spanned know-how and experience of employees from different fields and functions has risen and will continue to rise.

Some of the most challenging assignments in business are to realistically plan and direct projects under observance of resources and time. It has high demands for the task and relationship oriented leadership competence of the project leader. The business related project management system and decision making structures.

The loss due to inefficient project management adds up to billions of Euros every year. It is common in many businesses that projects extend past their given timeframe and / or budget. Defined termination criteria and premature escalation structures are more likely an exception than the rule – in some cases there is very little ROI (Return on Investment) or it is late.

Project management has been an emphasis in INFO GmbH for many years. Besides our specialized training courses and a qualification programme “Fit in project management”, we offer you support in the following areas in order to further assist you:

  • Project manager coaching
  • Temporary external project management
  • Development and introduction of business specific project management systems
  • Moderation in a project workshop
  • Project manager-AC (Assessment Centre)

Through these different measures you will achieve the following results in your business among others:

  • ROI (Return on Investment), more projects run on target, in time, within budget
  • Fulfilled customer demands to reduce costs or shorten project duration
  • Improved balancing of interests / conflict management between line requirements and project resources
  • Reduction of multiple complex projects through professional controlling specifications, and a central project review committee
  • Development of a pool of motivated and qualified project managers
  • Reduction of frictional losses through improved leadership and communication
  • Improvement of internal / external reputation  of projects through better focused project marketing


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