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    Creating efficient structures, finding and keeping customers

The sales is the point of contact with the customer. This is where the success of a business is decided. Some challenges that every company has to face today are the permanent changes in the market, the increasing level of competition and the continually rising customer expectations.
Product innovations, directed marketing, and efficient sales structures are an absolute necessity. However, today more than ever it is the “right person” who decides the success of sales with a customer. In times of exchangeable products and decreasing customer restraints it is the personal contact and individual relationships with the customers that lead to successful sells.

The consequence of this development is clear: The challenges for each employee in sales continually rise. Many businesses have recognised this and are investing into advanced education, training and development of their employees in sales and marketing. This is often with questionable results. Training sessions that handle everybody equally overlooking uniqueness are more likely to be de-motivating - individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the significance of personality and relation management is often neglected. So many training-highlights are of no lasting effect; the discrepancy between the classroom and the actual workplace frustrates all those involved. With the training concept “ABC of Lasting Success” INFO GmbH puts training into sales success.

Today effective development in sales is not limited simply to training and coaching sessions. What is demanded is a systematic sales process; which through the coordination and networking of different instruments leads to significant measurable improvements in the sales success.

With the INFO concept “integrated sales development” you analyse the existing potentials in sales and marketing in your business based on the definition of success critical, future oriented demands. In addition to the determination through the leadership force in marketing you include special tools for potential analysis if necessary. In light of behaviour oriented competence system you are able to individually and selectively employ the right measures for the development of your employees and subsequently exactly measure their success. This way you decrease your investments in personnel development and training up to 30% and at the same time increase motivation and learning successes - through measures that have been customised to fit the analysed deficits in competencies critical for success. Limitations of development are discovered early on so that you are able to complete your team with optimal reinforcement through systematic personnel selection.
With INFO GmbH you have a strong partner by your side concerning the conception and implementation of the integrated sales development. Our extensive knowledge in industrial sectors along with our excellent team of consultants and training experts we offer you the competitive edge. With the integrated INFO concept of integrated sales development and the INFO training tools, e.g. relationship selling you secure following results:

  • Clarity over resources and deficits in your business
  • You reduce your advanced training and education expenditures and save significant costs
  • When selecting applicants you find the most capable employees and save by avoiding wrong investments
  • You secure the transfer from qualifications into successful sales
  • Transparency of performance and development of your employees
  • You systematically direct the development processes in sales and marketing based upon valid information and numbers

All this serves the deciding criteria, which each business is measured by: Sales success!


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