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  • Leistung-Selection and Placement
    Personnel selection
    on all hierarchical leves
    requirement and target oriented

There are only few application areas in the human resource and organizational development where the methods used are in such strikingly positive and easily provable relation to the achieved results.

In other words – whenever you need to choose the best candidates as well as internal high-potentials, the motto is: maximum profit with low investment. With hardly any other measure can you increase the success of a business so significantly and effectively as with the right selection methods and processes.

Since 1993 INFO GmbH has systematically developed and established different instruments that are aimed to significantly increase the assurance of the proper selection, placement, and promotion decisions.

Besides accuracy/validity the following criteria have been considered:

  • Economic use of internal and external resources in the selection process
  • High acceptance of the tools and procedures in management, leadership, HR decision makers (amongst others through sufficient understanding of the results and avoiding of automated “black-box” procedures)
  • A procedure that complies to the demands and target groups, therefore highly accepted and positive image with participants

Available tools are amongst others:

 Within the framework of these procedures there are special sets of questions, exercises and methods, amongst others for the following target groups:

  • Top Management
  • Leadership, Department Supervisors
  • High-Potentials
  • Employees in Sales & Marketing
  • Project Managers
  • Specialists
  • Administrative Staff
  • Apprentices and Trainees

According to our service levels

  • You may purchase the different tools and implement them yourself or
  •  Let us implement them or
  • Outsource the complete or part of the selection process to us

We advise you about the best tools and procedures concerning the target group. You are welcome to use our experience and expertise in designing the complete sourcing and recruiting process (how many applicants can be tested in the most cost efficient way, on which level in the process, through which procedures, and concerning which requirements).


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