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AIP Attendance Improvement Process

Performance Management

Attendance Improvement Process, also referred to as AIP, is a management instrument with the goal of making the company along with the employees more aware of their responsibility for health and attendance. The results should serve to increase and stabilize attendance on a high level.
Besides the difficult to measure factors like poor working climate, the costs (which vary depending upon salary) due to absenteeism accumulate to several million Euro each year. Depending on the starting level and job market situation, the introduction of a comprehensive AIP or the improvement of an existing system can result with reduction of absenteeism from 1 to 3%.

The special features of AIP are in implementing in clear steps, standardised documented, professionally guided discussion processes, that are hardly comparable with traditional follow-up / feedback meetings. Each absence due to illness is fairly tolerated through an AIP. In these meeting sequences of different levels are differentiated. The levels differ in the participating persons, forms and contents; therefore, the organization’s reaction to repeated absences is not always the same. After returning from a first absence this person will be observed closely for a period of time. If another absence occurs during that period, then this employee will be placed into a higher level of observation. These process steps, such as the completion and meeting protocols of a step “X” discussion or the meeting after the return of the employee, are standardized. Each AIP meeting is documented. The process and discussion structure in the different levels are intensively taught, interviews and attendance statistics secure the successful implementation into practice.

We support you when it is concerning the contents in development of process proposals and provide guidelines for implementation of the AIP. We also support you with the application through training of the executives, assistance with the introduction in the business and the implementation of a qualified monitoring process

Special Advantages

  • Decrease of overall absenteeism by 1-3% within 12 months through an effective AIP=Attendance Improvement Process
  • Through the executives and employees increased health awareness and attendance responsibility, along with the diagnosis and elimination of reasons for absence, a high attendance will be assured.
  • Decrease of direct and indirect costs in connection with unplanned absence, e.g. delivery delays, higher workloads for other colleagues, insufficient use of machines.
  • Additional advantage for executives: competency development in difficult meeting situations
  • Contribution to a constructive conversation and feedback-culture and to improvement of the work-climate in the department
  • Through professional association with the topic the other employees, whom were hardly ever absent, also show higher performance willingness.

Primary Application Situation

Being a principally efficient management instrument, AIP offers significant advantages for high labour costs and relatively high absences, especially in production areas. A tangible improvement of worker responsibility can be assured resulting in decreased absenteeism and increased health awareness. Cost-benefit calculations can be provided in advance; however, in most cases at least 1% decrease of overall absence are achievable.


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