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The Intersessment® unites elements from a multimethod interview and assessment centre. The uniqueness of the method lies in the three following points:

  1. Each competence area is covered by three independent measurements:
    a. free competence interview, b. situational questions / scenarios, c. practice element. This assures high accuracy and validity.
  2. Procedure is oriented towards competence areas, which means steps "a" to "c" are repeated for each competence area.
  3. High implementation transparency means that each applicant knows at any given time which competence area is studied and how the results come about.

Through points 2 and 3 the procedure is especially beneficial for the potential diagnosis in the top management level (e.g. within the frame of management audits) as well as for leadership and especially the critical work force. The Intersessment® is done with one candidate each and at least two assessors and requires 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the demand area.


Special Advantages

  • High accuracy/ validity
  • High acceptance from the candidates: the schedule according to competence areas makes it possible for candidates to share relevant occupational and personal experience for each area of competence during open conversation; the high implementation transparency leads to good comprehension of the results and a high result acceptance.
  • Additional use: besides implementation in selection processes the method is also very suitable as accepted starting point for individual competence development programmes in the higher leadership levels, partially complemented with self-evaluation and external evaluation by the supervising leadership.

Primary Target Groups

High suitability especially for:

  • Top Management
  • Leadership
  • Critical Workforce


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