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MMO® Multimethod Interview (also Multimodal Interview = Multimode Interview)


The multi-method interview is a structured interview for selecting personnel and for potential diagnosis where personal impressions, biographical and situational questions are evaluated systematically and standardized. Prof. Schuler originally developed the method of a multimode interview.
The multi-modal interview combines different interview methods into one instrument (=multi-method), this way typical interview mistakes can be avoided; validity and accuracy can be significantly increased.
The interview is usually carried out by 1-2 interviewers and should not last longer than a regular interview.


Special Advantages

  • High accuracy/ validity
  • High time and cost economy
  • Little resistance at introduction into the business since the outward frame is the same as in regular interviews
  • High acceptance and positive feedback from participants
  • Additional use: leadership profits from implementation of the instrument (systematic questions and observations) in their leadership role
  • Introduction set to get to know the method and to conduct a pilot with a target position available

Primary Target Groups

The availability of an extensive pool of situational/ biographical questions allows to set-up demand-oriented interview tools for all important function and positions (job families) in the business. That creates an extensive full coverage implementation and thus a quantum leap in the quality of personnel selection in the whole business with minimal costs per position. Of course you can use the instrument only for selected target groups. We have a total of more than 160 situational questions/ scenarios in different levels of difficulty for more than 25 demand dimensions regarding e.g. social, sales and managerial skills. In addition to that there is a special set of questions for apprentices and trainees.


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