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PMT online testing method (personality and motives test)


The personality and motives test is a job-related personality test for analysing a person‘s self-perception. It was especially designed for application in the field of HR and personnel selection and placement and trainings and coachings.

Because of the fact that it analyses eight to ten job-related qualities and motives such as performance orientation, reliability, ability to work under pressure etc. it is much more complex than general personality tests. There are three test batteries available depending on the aim of the test:

  1. Focus Fundamentals for Professional Success
  2. Focus Leader Qualities
  3. Focus Sales Qualities
Due to that the PMT is suited both for experts and young professionals. Its design is based on a comprehensive analysis of scientific studies about links between personal qualities and motives and professional success. There are a number of central personal qualities and motives that are essential for all kinds of jobs and professional levels and that contribute considerably to professional success. In addition, there are special characteristics for sales and executives that are closely linked to sales success and leader qualities such as leadership motivation, contact orientation, and these are also contained in the respective test batteries.

Special benefits:

  • automated results
  • time and cost-aware implementation
  • flexible and independent use
  • up-to-date and significant standard values

The results profile can deliver additional information in the potential analysis process as well as valuable information as an input for the interview. In that respect, the multi-model interview MMO is especially suited to be used in combination with the PMT online test because this interview technique analyses similar levels of competence. This means for instance that „prominent areas of competence“ for the PMT can be dealt with and checked in more detail in the conversation.


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