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TAA®-TSA Test for Selection of Apprentices


TAA® / TSA and PMT online testing method is a paper & pencil testing procedure for selection of apprentice and trainee applicants. It enables the measurement of important competences relevant for occupational success. The test examines the candidate’s logical and abstract thinking abilities, aspects of social intelligence as well as basic abilities (such as concentration) and skills (like spelling). TAA® / TSA consists of eleven single tasks that have to be answered in writing. Special technical and manual abilities are not tested. The test itself takes one hour and 37 minutes; the whole procedure including instructions, breaks and an extensive test explanation (image forming) takes almost 3 hours.

The PMT online testing method (personality and motives test) was specifically designed for sales executives and professionals. It enquires personal qualities and motives that are linked to professional success.

The procedure can be done in groups and is designed as an instrument for pre-selection. However the equally important requirements in the area of social skills, for most occupations, cannot be measured with that.
We especially recommend the combination of TAA® / TSA with our special instruments MMO® “Multi-method Interview” (question pool for apprentices) and `Mini–AC´, especially designed for apprentices and trainees.

Special Advantages

  • High accuracy regarding the relevant requirement areas, much more effective than school grades
  • Time and cost efficient – carried out in groups
  • Actual standard values / normalized scores as a result of several thousand participants each year
  • Objective procedure, high equality of chances, since it is not available in the marketplace so none of the applicants know the tasks.
  • Attractive procedure for applicants through a more demanding but compared to other tests not frustrating procedure (image forming)

Primary Target Groups

The procedure is especially suitable for selecting of apprentice and trainee applicants in commercial occupations including financial market and information technology. For other occupations you may have to add special tasks (e.g. manual readiness for certain technical jobs). To register social competences instruments like MMO® or Mini-AC have to be included.


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