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"Fit in project management"

Qualifizierungs Programme

Project planning, managing internal / external project customers, clients, affected areas, motivation of project team members from different functional areas, controlling of work packages and project progress, management of resource conflicts, dealing with risks and change requests, pursue of project goals and staying within the limits of time and cost allowance: successful project management is one of the most valuable and at the same time most difficult tasks in a business. The competent steering and leading of a project is the focal point of this integrative project management – qualification programme, “Fit in project management".

In many businesses (prospective) project leaders are qualified in the corresponding project management methodology. However the “real” problems and case situations in practice demand, besides knowledge and application of project management methodology, distinct skills in the area of leadership and certain social and soft skills – these are the factors that help differentiate the more successful from the less successful project managers. Here is often the need for a complementing practice oriented qualification, even for experienced project leaders. Within the frame of the programme, “Fit in project management” the participants learn with concrete practice problems how to effectively increase their project performance.

The program is exclusively intended for project leaders. It is possible to begin at different programme levels: beginners start with modules about project management techniques, advanced join at the level of leading projects internally and externally, and professionals work mostly on individual in-depth building blocks, e.g. in the area of problem and conflict resolutions or moderation and presentation in projects. The individual need and placement takes place in the preface and / or within the frame of a “project workshop”.

The programme combines in a highly effective form know-how-acquisition with focused behaviour training and implementation into practice, among others through transfer phases and follow up between the qualification modules, project workshop as well as integration of collegial advice – steered learning from practice for practice.

Special Advantages

  • Higher goal achievement and optimal use of resources regarding deadlines, costs and quality
  • Increased motivation in the project teams through improved communication and sovereign coordination in projects
  • Swifter project transaction through faster decision making in the team and professional interface and conflict management to internal areas
  • “from practice for practice” specially designed for the needs of newcomers, experienced project leaders and proven pros
  • Oriented at individual need, therefore least possible removal of project managers from their time critical projects
  • Increase of efficiency in project development through balance between clear process structuring and liberty to act
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved management of customer interfaces

Primary Application Situation

Comprehensive success oriented qualification of project leaders, desired quantum leap in the improvement of the project management in the business. Target group: present and future project leaders. Levels: beginners, advanced and professionals.


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