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I-CDP: Individual Competence Development Programs

Qualifizierungs Programme

The goal of this programme is to obtain, within a short period of time, an overview of present potentials in management, and building on that with individualized competence development programmes to reach a provable quantum leap in the development of managers and leadership force in regard to key business competences.

The starting point is the implementation of an Assessment/ Potential Analysis, e.g. in form of an Intersessment® based on key competencies derived from the business strategy. The external potential analysis is complemented through detailed self-evaluation of the participant (e.g. people manager) and a supervisor’s evaluation. From the combination of these three perspectives a controllable individual competence development plan is established. In a competence development discussion with top management, people manager, personnel development and external consultant, concrete measures on and off the job for improvement in the individual development areas will be agreed upon. Progress in the individual areas for improvement is monitored and the success will be checked in detail within the framework of a review.

Special Advantages

  • Overview over the management potentials in light of a standard measure and a fair, professional procedure
  • Success increase through effective and lasting establishment of key competencies for leadership force / managers / employees in strategically important functions
  • Saving of valuable resources through goal oriented, individual competence development instead of “seminar-tourism” and measures according to the “watering pot principle“
  • Additional benefits: participation in this professional development process leads to more responsible judgment and personnel development regarding leadership in one’s own area

Primary Application Situation

We especially recommend this programme when:

  • your business is facing new challenges that change demands (require additional behavioural skills) on management and leadership, e.g. re-structuring, opening of new markets, an upcoming fusion, etc…
  • there is extensive seminar tourism in the leadership force without having precise information about achieved improvements based upon seminar attendance.
  • you want to speed up a systematic, provable competence development within the management.


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